I’ve struggled with mental health for a long time. When I was 16, I felt I had no one to turn to and that no one understood me. I had no safe place. This was the first time I tried to end my life. I was in and out of the hospital for weeks at a time due to self-harm and suicide attempts. I managed to push through and later got diagnosed with bi-polar disorder type two and social and generalized anxiety. I was put on the proper medication and for the most part it has been okay. Sure, I have my ups and downs, that’s part of life.

I’ve always struggled to fit in or find that one thing I’ve really felt connected with. That was until last year.

sera giannone 2022.jpeg
Sera at Sunset Speedway, where she found her safe place in 2021 after attending her first race.

In the summer of 2021, I went to opening night at Sunset Speedway and absolutely fell in love with the whole sport. Not only are the cars amazing, so are the people you meet in the Motorsport community. From that first night on I went to every race I could. That’s how I learned about Lift The Visor and the many racers that support it. I just knew I had to join this amazing community and help create a safe space for people if they ever need someone to talk to.

sera ginannone 2022.3.jpeg
The Mini-Stock entry Sera will pilot during her rookie campaign in 2022

That’s why I made the choice to race in 2022 at Sunset Speedway. It has definitely been a difficult year for everyone so far, and I myself have struggled mentally more than ever. But working on my car and knowing that soon I will be in that happy place, where all your worries go away, is what keeps me pushing.

Lift The Visor stands to eliminate the stigma around struggling with mental health, and if you ever feel you need to talk to someone, my pits are now another safe place to do that, without judgement.

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