If you're experiencing a mental health crisis, and/or considering self harm, we strongly recommend you get help immediately from an emergency contact or service, and you may find this listing of services helpful.

While it may feel hopeless now, we can guarantee you that you're not alone in the challenges you face, and that this feeling too shall pass, as all feelings do.

We know that it can feel like a monumental task to ask for help when you're feeling down, but we promise you, it's the best way to move forward on the wonderful journey that remains ahead of you. 

You matter. You're not alone. We can and will get through this together.


Sharing is one of the major components of the Lift The Visor initiative.
In order to get the assistance they need to improve their lives, people struggling with mental health need to feel comfortable enough to reach out to someone. With you alongside, we're working to help create a supportive environment in the motorsports community where sharing is viewed as a positive. 

And through our own mental health challenges, we've found that seeing commonalities with others who have struggled is often a gateway to gaining the comfort needed to share. So we've asked members of the motorsports community to share their first-hand experiences with mental health, which can be found in our Blog.

You may also want to connect with our community on social, where we share thoughts and ideas about mental health treatment and prevention with like-minded people.

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