Positively influencing change in the narratives and available support around mental health, through interactions within the motorsports community.

Our aim is the creation of a more supportive environment for those in the community facing mental health challenges, and 
positive growth for everyone who interacts with Lift The Visor, through education and empowerment. 


100% of all donations received are reinvested into the initiative, enabling it to provide support to more people in the motorsports community. 

There are many areas that require financial support to sustain an initiative of any sort, with the two key areas of reinvestment for Lift The Visor being; content creation and management (e.g. educational materials and website hosting), initiative advocacy (e.g. track visits and industry event attendance).


No great initiative gains any momentum without the support of it's followers and there are several ways you can support the Lift The Visor initiative and the community it serves.

Head over to our Support page, where you'll find opportunities to purchase items that fund the initiative and learn how you can become an affiliate through the sharing of your mental health story, or by organizing a fundraising and/or awareness campaign, all in the name of inhibiting a more supportive, positive environment in the motorsports community.

In order to maintain the values of Lift The Visor, anyone who makes a donation, purchases an item, or requests affiliation with us, is subject to our Code of Conduct.

You can also join our community on the following social platforms, where we share thoughts and ideas about mental health treatment and prevention with like-minded people.

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