WHEELS OF PASSION - by Morgan Robson


I'm 23 years old, turning 24 in December and I've been in a wheelchair my whole life.

I'm a former race car driver, having started my racing career in 2013, with 2020 being my final season. I'm now car/team owner of Morgan Robson Racing, where my girlfriend Madisson will be driving in 2021.

I've battled with mental health since I was 5 years old, having been bullied, made fun of throughout public school and high school, and even in public situations, all for being in a wheelchair. People would tell me I wouldn't go anywhere in life, that I would be a dead beat, and that I shouldn't be here.

Morgan behind the wheel of his Mini Stock division Ford Mustang at Sunset Speedway in Barrie, Ontario.

Because of this, my life took a turn down hill in 2012, when I started moving down a dark path where nothing felt right and I just didn't want to be on earth anymore. I couldn't take being bullied anymore for something I had no control over.

But I had great doctors and family support that helped me start the battle against my mental health, and keep on battling. I keep pushing through every single day and have the most amazing and supportive girlfriend I could ask for, who helps me to be better each day.

Racing is my absolute happy place. My race shop allows me to maintain a physio program and provides me the space to clear my head. And I've always been happy once I'm at a race track, no matter where it is. These things are my getaway from the rest of life where I can forget everything and just have fun.

Morgan and crew work on the set up of their Mini Stock Ford Mustang.

Remember folks, no matter your disability or struggles, always follow your dreams and don't let no one tell you different.

Our 2021 race season at Morgan Robson Racing is dedicated to the memory of fellow racer Melissa Bullen, as we lost her last year. She was an absolutely amazing friend and human being and my team and I will not forget her.

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